Child Women Policy

We strongly believe that children should be safe from harm and we condemn the exploitation of children and young people under 18, who may have been persuaded by an adult to come and stay in our hotel and receive, in exchange for performing sexual activities, free accommodation, drink and food.

We also condemn the general exploitation of children for commercial sexual activities, illegal trafficking, child abuse, child labour and child marriage. The Code of Contact for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel & Tourism, Child Sex Tourism, is defined as the commercial sexual exploitation of children by men and women who travel and at the destination they engage in sexual acts with children, any person under 18 years old.

Our staff will be trained to be alert to recognize possible cases where children may be in danger when accommodated in the hotel by adults, especially when only one adult and a child are involved. The staff will be expected and encouraged to report any child protection concerns to management.

The Management is committed to follow up all reports and refer information about child exploitation to the relevant authorities.

We will actively display the child protection campaign in our business so as to ensure that our customers know our position.

We will find ways to positively support local children in our community, including raising general issues about child vulnerability to local authorities and community associations.


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